Bimbo Bread Rte..Nets $105k..Deliver 35 Hrs/Wk..ONLY $75k Down

PRICE:$232k.  This route is located in the fast growing Denver area of Lake Norman, depot is in Charlotte, North Carolina. New housing and complexes are going up like crazy! This cash cow route enjoys 3 food Lions, a Publix, a Harris Teeter and a Bi-Lo. Product is delivered 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat…from about 2:30am-9:30am. Yes, Seller delivers ONLY about 35 hours per week.  *Ask Broker about pull ups.  The route does over $600k in revenue and AFTER all expenses, profits $105k. Bimbo is a huge NATIONAL FOOD COMPANY that makes products such as Thomas English Muffins, Arnold Bread, Entenmann’s Baked Goods, Sara Lee and others. With about $75k down, the Company will finance the remainder for 10 years.

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