Boutique Snyder’s-Lance Chip Rte..Nets $61k..ONLY $36k Down..Financing

PRICE: $182k…This Seller doesn’t start until 6am..AND.. only delivers about 33 hours per week. The seller has owned this gem for 8 years and is ready to look at retirement. this is your opportunity to own one of these highly regarded and popular Snyder’s-Lance routes. YES, the Seller delivers about 33 hours per week…3 days from 6am-Noon and 2 days from 6am-2pm. The route services 3 Publix stores among others. Snyder’s-Lance is a HUGE NATIONAL FOOD COMPANY. You will take over an Exclusive Territory and deliver such products as Snyder’s Pretzels, Lance Crackers, Archway Cookies, Cape Cod Chips and others. This route has profit of $61k…after ALL expenses, which are minimal. Excellent training. with ONLY $36k down, he remainder will be financed for 10 years.

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