KILLER..Bimbo Bread Rte..Charlotte NC..Nets $98k..NO SLOW DOWN HERE!

PRICE: $199K It’s what i have been telling Buyers for 15 years and almost 100 Bimbo Bread Routes sold. It does not matter…Covid-19 – Recession…people have to go to the grocery store. While most businesses are closed or limping along, this seller is going crazy trying to keep the shelves stocked. With a Harris Teeter, 2 Food Lions and a Target, this Huntersville route is going great guns! AND It is rumored that a new Harris Teeter may be opening on the route. ONLY $53k down and the Company will finance the remainder for 10 years.

Bimbo Bread Rte…Mid Sarasota..Deliver 33 Hours/Week…Net $83k..FINANCING

PRICE $210k….WHY NOT MAKE ALMOST $83K PER YEAR AND NOT HAVE TO KILL YOURSELF DOING IT! This is a very well established Bimbo Bread Route with 3 Publix stores and a Walmart. Together, they do $470k per year in sales and AFTER all expenses, which are minimal, this route nets $83k. The Seller delivers product 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat…from about 3am-9:30am. ONLY 33 HOURS PER WEEK! *Ask Broker about pull ups. The route comes with a nice lettered Dual Axle Trailer. With about $820k down, the Company will finance the remainder for 10 years.