PRICE $420K The Seller started this stellar Technology consulting Company in 2006. They support Computers, Networks and Servers for Small Business…WITH…a separate Computer Repair Dept. The company has impeccable Financial Records which show profits increasing almost each and every year. The employees are VERY well compensated. Profits are looking to be over $200k this year based on the increase over last year at this time.
**Company is considered an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS and was open during COVID 19 lock down.

EXPLODING..Snyder’s Chip Rte..Sarasota..Nets $93k Per Year. ONLY ABOUT $65K DOWN!

PRICE: 299KWith about about 69k Down Payment, this route can be yours. The Seller enjoys 5 Publix stores, all in South Sarasota and they are booming. Sales are $640k per year and profit, AFTER all expenses…is $93k. Product is delivered 5 days per week..Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat…from about 3am-1pm. *Ask Broker about pull ups. Snyder’s-Lance is a huge National Food Company that makes products such as Snyder’s Pretzels, Lance Crackers, Archway Cookies, Cape Cod Chips and others. The route comes with a nice step van.


PRICE: $99K…ONLY $60k down…Seller will finance remainder. This Business has been servicing the area for many years. I sold it to these Buyers 11 years ago on an E-2 VISA and now they are ready to go back to England. This Company specializes in Commercial and Residential work…with some very nice Commercial accounts as long term customers. They do excellent preparation and only use the best paints…Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. They compliment this with full service Pressure Washing and…the employees have been with the company many years. A nice equipment package is included. WITH ONLY $60K DOWN, THE SELLERS WILL FINANCE THE REMAINDER FOR 5 YEARS AT A NICE INTEREST RATE. NO SPECIAL LICENSE NEEDED.



This is a…ONE OF A KIND…Business with the majority of revenue being with large Commercial accounts. The Company has excellent loyalty with customers and the Seller is ONLY the 3rd owner of the business which has a 20+ year history. The assets used are in good condition. The business deals with large Mobile Home Parks with a nice segment of revenue coming from a unique and niche service. Revenue is around $500k and profit is $70k. The Company does no advertising or has outside sales. A STEAL AT ONLY $99K


AND…This quaint little gem prepares everything to order, nothing premade here. But that doesn’t mean endless preparation time for each dish, the Owner has streamlined the menu for fast execution using locally sourced fresh ingredients and with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Prices reflect this level of confidence! The beauty of this is that it is totally turn key and you don’t have to be a chef, just have a love for food…the Seller has made it easy to prepare so almost anyone can do it. The business has a very high gross profit with minimal expenses and the net profit reflects it. It has indoor AND outdoor seating with a great lease in place.

18Yr Established…Mostly Repeat…Nets Over $40k…Pressure Washing

After almost 20 years, the seller is retiring from this little gem of a Pressure Washing Business. It is true…most of the business is repeat and…THE SELLER ONLY AVERAGES WORKING ABOUT 30 HOURS A WEEK. In fact he said he is almost always finished by 2pm. Accounts are in a lot of well known Gated Communities. The seller says most of the work consists of Pool Cages, Driveways and Concrete Tile Roofs. He has nice equipment that comes with the purchase…Broker has photos of.


This Company does a lot of high end and swanky Construction Remodeling jobs. I say high end because most work is done on Siesta Key where price is normally secondary. Jobs go from about $80k – $400k…averaging approximately $150k. The Seller started this business 11 years ago and is ready to slow down just a bit. He has a great crew…His Production Supervisor has been with him almost the whole time. This leaves time for the Seller to do other needed functions…Estimating, Ordering, etc. In Fact, he said…he only visits job sites about 3 days per week. THAT IS TRUST IN YOUR CREW! The Company does no advertising or marketing of any kind. The sky really is the limit here. The Seller will even qualify a new Buyer until he or she can get their own Certified Building License. With about $150k down, the Seller will finance the remainder for 5 years. YES……This is a fantastic and real opportunity.

CASH COW Commercial Cleaning Co…Net $120k…Work Part Time

YES, the seller does…legitimately work 15-20 (not cleaning).. hours per week. Majority of heavyweight – great paying accounts are in Lakewood Ranch. Seller has enjoyed for 10 years…ALL FINANCIALS backed by books. Not a whole lot more to say on this one except if you don’t act now…you will be calling me at some point and it will be too late.

STEAL THIS…Appliance Store…Nets $281k..ONLY $135k Down…Financing

AND..100% INCOME VERIFICATION…This long established and very profitable Appliance Sales and Service Company …distributes and services a much needed product. The current (and only 3nd) ..owner has enjoyed the business for 10 years and is ready to slow down. As well as sell product, the Company has technicians to service it also. It is in a busy location with a free standing building and a solid lease. Sales have increased at a steady pace year after year. Net profit in 2016 was $231k and with the huge 1st quarter of 2017, profits are projected at $281k.. with nice gross margins. THIS IS AN IDEAL BUSINESS FOR A PRE APPROVED SBA LOAN….only about $135 down needed!!


Located in beautiful downtown Sarasota, this Seasoned Club Caters to busy working professionals and those living nearby. The present owner is totally absentee…living in another state. He does say that when he lived here a few years ago and he managed…Revenue was more than double what it is now. There is NO advertising done and there is little competition nearby. Perfect for a current Trainer or an Exercise Enthusiast who can oversee growth on a daily basis with some advertising, networking, hands on management, etc.


This is an opportunity to own a distributorship for a dynamic Florida publisher that produces over 1 million advertising pieces per month. The existing territory covers Manatee County and has been established for over 8 years…also, this is opportunity WITHOUT A BIG LEARNING CURVE! Over 90% repeat customers who sign 12 month Contracts. the Manatee publisher distributes 100,000 pieces per month…WOW! For 30-35 hours a week…net $42k per year. Why not be outside enjoying the sunshine while you work..but not by the sweat of your brow.
Only $39k down, owner to finance remaining $19k for 4 years at 6%, payments of $422 per month.


Not only does this Lawn Service Business have great long term accounts…but the equipment is almost brand spanking..NEW..Includes a almost new 36″ zero turn mower and very nice 60″ zero turn mower. The seller started this business in 2007 and now has about 70 profitable residential accounts…LWR, Bradenton and Ellenton. He has a nice tight territory with many streets having 3-4 customers… A buyer can average 7-8 hours a day… Why not …enjoy the beach…Enjoy the sunshine…stay in shape and make.. a great income!


Did I say …nice and easy lawn route. But nice and easy would not mean much without nice steady profits. The seller started this business 14 years ago and now in his 60’s, because of health issues, he needs to sell this gem. He has about 50 residential accounts in mostly upper middle class income areas…such as the Oaks in Palmer Ranch. Some of the accounts have been with the Company for all 14 years. He averages Mon-Fri about 7 hours a day in the summer AND only ABOUT 4 HOURS A DAY IN THE WINTER. Regardless, he takes a 1/2 day off on Friday, many times going to the beach. Yes, it’s true. This business comes with nice equipment including a 2005 Chevy 1 ton truck.


YES, YES, YES…work 20 hours a week and make $53k profit AND you ONLY need $35k to buy the route WOW! This route has the extremely busy Publix store in Gulf Gate, the Winn Dixie at Stickney Point and Swift and the Crescent Beach Grocery on Siesta Key. Why not WORK AND PLAY by the ocean. As i write this, the Sarasota temperature is about 70 degrees and sunny. Bimbo is a National Food Company that produces such products as Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann’s Baked Goods, Sara lee, etc. Product is delivered 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat…from about 4:30am – 8:30am. Work part time for a great full time income AND it’s your business. a nice trailer is included in the route.
**Sun Business Brokers is not affiliated with the Bimbo Bakeries Companies and therefore does not make any warranties or representations on their behalf.


You won’t have to put in long hours on this route and you can still make $62k profit! Mission foods is a NATIONAL FOOD COMPANY known for their Tortillas, Wraps, Shells and Chips. This blue chip route covers Lake Wales, Avon Park, Sebring and Lake Placid. Included are 3 Walmart stores, 5 Publix stores and others. Product is delivered 5 days per week in the winter and 4 days per week in the summer…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat…from about 4:30am to noon. Sales for 2014 were fantastic and profit AFTER all expenses, which were minimal, was $62k. A nice trailer is included in the price.


Live the American dream! Why not make a great income while enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, not stuck working inside and looking at 4 walls – all day – every day. YOU can own this solidly entrenched..turn key…20 year established..highly profitable business. The Company niche is that it services long term commercial contracts with Condominium Associations, Maintenance Free Developments and Office Parks. The business enjoys well trained employees and two very well paid and long time supervisors. If the owner wants to take a vacation…no sweating it here. The owner does estimating, attends Board Meetings, Scheduling, etc. SBA pre-screened $100k down, if qualified.


Yes, make $70k and work less than 40 hours per week…WOW…and…while at work, why not keep in shape. This TOP rated Franchise Fitness Center is in a great location in an upscale area. Membership has almost doubled in the last year AND..that is with an almost absentee owner. With an owner-operator, the SKY is the limit! This Fitness Center makes a beautiful yet functional impression, has ALL the latest exercise equipment and…there is a great lease in place. With ONLY $75k down, the seller will finance the remainder. This is an awesome opportunity.


YES…MAKE $70K+ PER YEAR with ONLY $40k down…seller has health issues and must sell this route. Bimbo Bakeries is a National Food Company with products such as Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann’s Baked Goods, Sara Lee and others. As a distributor, you have a protected territory. Stores on this route include 3 Publix stores, a Sweetbay and a Checkers. There are also a couple of CASH ACCOUNTS for extra income. The depot is in North Port and the route can be ran in 8-9 hours a day. Bread is delivered 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat. SUN BUSINESS BROKERS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE BIMBO BAKERIES COMPANIES AND THEREFORE DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS ON THEIR BEHALF.


This is…the TRUE AMERICAN DREAM! Make a fantastic income without having to work by the sweat of your brow. This is an absolutely beautiful Car Wash located on almost an acre of land right on 41…in the heart of Venice. This tremendously busy facility has 5 Self Serve bays and 2 Automatic Touchless bays. There are also 6 gorgeous Vacuum Stations, 2 with Shampoo. Almost ALL of the equipment is new! For 2013, revenue averaged over $20k per month…and was UP 19% over 2012..EVEN WITH THE WELL ABOVE AVERAGE RAINFALL LAST SUMMER. Profit…after all expenses, is $184k. This is the perfect semi-absentee investment.


This is your opportunity to own a distributorship for a dynamic Central Florida Company that produces over a million Coupon Booklets per month. The territory is St Petersburg. The seller bought the rights to this territory over 14 years ago and has been enjoying it ever since. This business consistently produces almost $500k in revenue and $95k+ in profits. Coupon booklets are published monthly and the majority of customers have been with the seller for many years, in fact…almost 90% is repeat business! With ONLY $65k down, the seller will finance the remainder at favorable terms. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS BLOCKBUSTER…TURN KEY…EXTREMELY WELL ENTRENCHED BUSINESS.