If you want a real money making Fed Ex Ground Route with short hours …then this route is…for you. Covering parts of Lakeland, the seller works Mon-Fri with very short hours approximately 6:30am -3pm. He averages about 105-110 stops a day. The Company pays a commission for each stop…in addition, there is the opportunity to earn bonuses! This is an almost recession proof business and sales on this route are UP each year. This route can be bought by an owner operator or an investor. To qualify, a Buyer or driver must have at least 6 months experience driving a box truck or larger, within the last 3 years but no CDL license is required. Profit for 2013 will be about $70k…after ALL expenses. A very nice, well kept and serviced…2005 Freightliner diesel truck with auto and air…is included.


Nothing but the best sold here. Elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, refined, etc…this Boutique caters to best in all of us. It sells Designer Jewelry, Designer Handbags and many other upscale accessories. This gem is located in a very busy and cultivated area of Southwest Florida. It is totally turnkey with a seasoned staff and… the short hours make it ideal for almost any owner’s lifestyle. In addition, INCLUDED in the price IS $160K INVENTORY! Sales are approximately $690k and profit about $221k. With $300k down, the seller will finance the remainder for 4 years at 6% interest, payments $4,580/mo.


After many long and successful years, the owner of this Specialty Business has decided to slow down and “smell the roses”….so to speak. The Company is a leader in the field of Commercial Communications dealing primarily with repeat business (75-80%). No knocking on doors here… having a reputation as customer oriented with an emphasis on superior quality and meeting of deadlines. Employees are in place making this opportunity truly turnkey. THE SELLER HAS AVERAGED OVER $500K+ THE LAST 3 YEARS.. ON TAX RETURNS! The ideal Buyer could be a larger Company looking for a rewarding acquisition, a savvy Investor wanting a super return or an owner-operator. ***This business has been Pre-SBA approved for a qualified applicant!


OWNER HAS NO TIME…SAYS SELL NOW! These two Tattoo Studios, Sarasota and Port Charlotte, have some of the longest operating history in Southwest Florida…since 1996. The present owner has enjoyed since 2007. With 4 other companies and a BIG project in the works, he has decided to sell these cash cows. Both studios do custom tattooing and exotic piercing… with long time repeat clientele AND… it is THE PLACE for the High School crowd. There are 5 artists who are Independent Contractors, paid 50% commission so… they are success driven! The artists pay for their own supplies…needles, inks, etc. Both locations are certified each year by the Dept of Health. The owner spends only 2-3 hours a week doing payroll and ordering supplies…that’s it. The studios have revenue of about $250k and the seller nets $75k AFTER all expenses. Don’t forget…THIS IS A GREAT CASH BUSINESS but credit cards are accepted. This business is turn key with a very small learning curve. A hands on owner could substantially increase revenue AND profits!


This kicker of a route is located in North Port…one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Florida. Commercial growth is everywhere! You will be a distributor…with a protected territory… for Flowers Foods, a national multi -billion dollar Food Company. Stores on this route include a Walmart, 3 Publix, a Winn Dixie and other various stores and schools. Popular products are Nature’s Own bread, Bunny bread, Tastykakes, etc. Bread is delivered 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat…from 2am until about noon. The route has sales of $650k and after minimal expenses, profits almost $90k. You will take over an existing Isuzu truck lease which is almost paid off. With approximately $84k down, the company will finance the remainder, if qualified.


This is an absolutely gorgeous long time in the area, Hair Salon. The seller, unfortunately cannot be there and offers no Hands-On management. It has 3-4 employees who are on a split arrangement. No booth rentals here. The salon is known for trendy cuts, colors, and perms, etc. With 7 stations and a completely furnished esthetician room, there is plenty of opportunity for growth. This is basically being sold for a song and a dance. Call me for further details.


This is a very well grounded 20 year established business in Sarasota. The company not only sells these systems but does ongoing service and aftermarket replacement with some maintenance being done remotely. The seller is ready for retirement or at least semi-retirement….he would be willing to stay on as a part-time Marketing Rep for a new buyer. The business is run lean and efficiently with the seller spearheading sales and management and 3 employees doing administrative and installations. They are extremely well compensated and the company even provides health insurance. THIS BUSINESS IS NOT HOME ALARM AND ALARM MONITORING.


This shop has been going for over 20 years with the present owner working there 12 years and owning it for 6 years. He is selling to relocate. It is in an upscale area where price is secondary. The shop is very attractive…the seller remodeled in 2010. It has 2 chairs, so a prospective buyer can add another barber. Hours are great…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri..9-4 and Wed 9-12. The seller claims earnings in the HIGH $40k range AFTER all expenses, which are minimal. Why not work part-time and make a full-time income! ALSO, THE OWNER TAKES 8 WEEKS VACATION PER YEAR…IT’S TRUE!! With ONLY $17k down, the seller will finance the remainder for 3 yesrs at 6% interest.


This is a well rounded Pool Management Company serving Sarasota – 55%…Bradenton – 35%…and Venice – 10%. The company enjoys 17 commercial accounts consisting of Apartment Complexes, Hotels and condominiums. There are approximately 240 residential accounts with the majority of them being long term. This is turnkey with 4 knowledgeable employees who are well compensated, averaging $685.00 per week. Two nice trucks come with the sale…2 employees use there own vehicles. The owner ONLY puts in 15 – 20 hours per week and he will guarantee the accounts. With $150k down, the seller will finance the remainder to a qualified buyer.


This Central Sarasota Hair Salon has a very successful history and is ready for a new owner to continue to a very successful future. It truly is a “Designer Salon”, the interior being designed in antique Italian theme with hand carved Roman columns and each station is uniquely crafted. The Salon enjoys 9 stations, 3 sinks, a nail area and esthetician. It has a combination of booth rental and employees. In fact, booth rental alone brings in close to $40k per year in revenue. A Buyer who is a stylist with following will not only have all the bills paid with the existing but claim a nice profit! A Buyer who is not a stylist will net $30k+. The Salon is known for excellent cuts, perms and colors.


This 20+ year old Pressure Washing Business caters to the older clientele, washing roofs, pool cages and driveways. The area covered is from Lakewood Ranch up to Sun City. Approximately 85-90% is repeat work and most residences are done 2 times per year. The owner who is retiring enjoys earnings of $72k per year. There is a key employee who wants to stay with the new owner and is well compensated earning almost $40k per year. This business includes 2 trucks, 2 trailers plus all other equipment needed to make this a turnkey opportunity…AND, with $65k down, the Seller is willing to finance the remainder…helping to insure a Buyer’s continued success.


This is a… ONE OF A KIND… business with the majority of customers being larger commercial contracts. The company has excellent customer loyalty dealing with big name accounts in Manatee County and the surrounding areas with a SPECIAL NICHE SERVICE that no one else provides to these customers. The long time owner only puts in about 10 hours a week but is ready to retire and go on vacation for long periods of time. The equipment is up to date and in excellent condition offering the highest quality of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sales in 2010 were $630k with EBITDA of $124K. The company has 20 employees, many of them long term, valued and even known by the customers…helping to insure a TOTALLY TURNKEY OPPORTUNITY for a new buyer. With $125k down, the seller will finance $195k for 7 years at 7%, payments of $2,943 per month. P.S. NO ADVERTISING OR MARKETING EFFORT IS BEING DONE…THERE IS AN EXCELLENT…OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH!


This business has shown tremendous growth the last 5 years, even during the severe recession we’ve had. The company offers spray foam insulation and sealing. Energy costs are cut 30-50%. The majority of growth is coming in the commercial market due to recent energy savings regulations…which most existing commercial properties DON’T meet now.This is turnkey with 7 employees in place. With $195k down, the seller will finance $140k for 5 years at 7%…payments of $2,772 per month.


These great.. 30 MRI Diagnostic Centers offer the latest in technology combined with 24 hour physician turnaround and excellent patient customer service. All machines are Hitachi or GE Open Profiles…with the very latest in software updates. Staff and management are in place. YES, I WAS THE LISTING AND THE SELLING BROKER!