NEW PRICE.. Snyder’s Chips/Pretzel Route..Venice..Nets $71k..Ave less Than 30Hrs/Wk..ONLY $45K DOWN!~

PRICE ONLY:$225k… the Seller is MOTIVATED on this continually growing Snyder’s-Lance route and he averages working less than 30 hours per week…Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat…from about 4am to 9:30-10am. WHY NOT SPEND YOUR AFTERNOONS AT THE BEACH! Venice is booming AND you will enjoy an Exclusive Territory. Snyder’s-Lance is a National Food Company which makes products such as Snyder’s-Lance Pretzels, Snyder’s-Lance Crackers, Wise Chips, Archway Cookies, Cape Cod Chips and others. Sales are $523k and profit is about $71k AFTER all expenses. With around $45k down, the Company will finance the remainder for 10 years. A trailer is included in the price. *VENICE FLORIDA IS CONTINUALLY NAMED ONE OF THE TOP PLACES TO RETIRE IN THE UNITED STATES.

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