The seller has owned this exceptional route for 15 years and has decided to retire. What makes this Snyder’s-Lance route so exceptional is besides profiting $93k per year and delivering 5 days per week from about 4am – 12pm is…a brand new Publix store JUST and I mean JUST opened in Osprey. In the next few years, profit on this route will increase substantially! Snyder’s-Lance is a huge NATIONAL FOOD COMPANY that makes such products as Snyder’s-Lance Pretzel and Crackers, Archway cookies, Cape Cod Chips and others. Include nice step van.
** ONLY about $75k down…10 year financing, if qualified.
** Deliver product 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat from about 4am-12pm. * Ask Broker about merchandising.
** Sales are almost $600k and after ALL expenses…profit is $93k.
** Route has ONLY 5 Publix stores.

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