St Armands Rte…Dwtn Sarasota & LBK…Net $68k…Deliver 30Hrs/Wk…price only $119k

You can run this route absentee, hire an employee for $30k and still make 24% ROI. YES – YES – YES…IT’S TRUE..DELIVER ABOUT *30 HRS PER WEEK AVERAGE! …Mon, Tues, Thur and Fri and Sat…from 5am – 11am or 11:30am depending on time of year. You will have an EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY that includes Downtown Sarasota and Long Boat Key. St Armands Baking Company is one of the largest independent baking companies in the state of Florida. They have an excellent reputation and deliver bread, rolls, bagels, etc…to fine restaurants, Country Clubs, Senior Centers, Hospitals and others. This is a very well established route that has revenue of over $300k per year and AFTER all expenses, which are minimal, the seller nets $68k…AND…for ONLY delivering about *30 hours per week. There is tremendous room for growth with the booming Downtown Sarasota area getting new Hotels, Condominiums and Restaurants!
***Above $68k profit is calculated with buyer doing own order entry. Ask Broker for details.

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