St Armand’s Bread Rte…Make $100k…Work 4 and 1/2 Days Per Week

This is a very well established and…continuing to grow…St Armand’s Wholesale Bread Route. St Armand’s is one of the largest independent Wholesale Baking Companies in the State of Florida. They have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality Bread, Rolls and Bagels…to fine Restaurants, Country Clubs, Hospitals, Senior Centers and others. This route covers East Tampa Brandon, Zephyrhills, Dade City and Plant City. It has a lot of great accounts and revenue of almost $500k. Product is delivered early mornings 5 days per week…Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat ONLY 1/2 day! Expenses are minimal and AFTER ALL expenses, the Seller makes about $1ook per year. *Ask Broker about ordering. The route comes with a nice 2007 GMC Diesel 16ft Box Truck.
*** There is a current driver on this route making $40k per year. You can also buy this route as an investment and make $60k…a 34% return!

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