This Company does a lot of high end and swanky Construction Remodeling jobs. I say high end because most work is done on Siesta Key where price is normally secondary. Jobs go from about $80k – $400k…averaging approximately $150k. The Seller started this business 11 years ago and is ready to slow down just a bit. He has a great crew…His Production Supervisor has been with him almost the whole time. This leaves time for the Seller to do other needed functions…Estimating, Ordering, etc. In Fact, he said…he only visits job sites about 3 days per week. THAT IS TRUST IN YOUR CREW! The Company does no advertising or marketing of any kind. The sky really is the limit here. The Seller will even qualify a new Buyer until he or she can get their own Certified Building License. With about $150k down, the Seller will finance the remainder for 5 years. YES……This is a fantastic and real opportunity.

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